David Spivey, Evening Speaker

David Spivey is being used of God in anointed ministry.  His church is growing, his passion for the lost is evident in every aspect of his life.  Don't miss his preaching at Outreach and Bus Convention 2023.

David Spivey pastors the Haven of Rest Bible Church in Galax, Virginia.  He serves on the Advisory Committee of the InterChurch Holiness Convention and is a frequent speaker in revivals and camp meetings.

    COVID Hurt Attendance?  

    Come to Bus Convention and together,

    let's learn how to come back stronger!

    Churches across America and around the world are reeling after loss in attendance. The temptation is to "draw in" and even "give up" as the malaise of the situation seeps in.  We believe your ministry cannot only come back, but grow during these times.  Join us at Bus Convention 2023 in Westfield, Indiana and fellowship with pastors and laypeople just like you who do not want the vision to die on our watch. Evening services of challenge and refreshment await.  Daytime sessions and seminar topics for practical application await.  Register today.  Bring your church and family and be part of what God is doing in these unprecedented times.